About us
Who are we?

Our names are Eteri and Natalya. When we were young and impatient, we were in a hurry to live. We wanted more new people, emotions, impressions, things. We did not have time, we did not sleep, we raced through life like a high-speed train, landscapes flashing outside the window, barely visible, often blurred.
And here we are now, matured enough to start appreciating things. We have tried so many things that we clearly understand what is worth spending time on, and what isn't. We enjoy good food, cool people, smart movies, slow conversations. We buy fewer things, quantity gives way to quality. We no longer save on ourselves, on good food, on sleep.

Searching for the perfect bed linen and never finding it, we created our own. Perfect. Made of natural flax linen. Solid colors. All about the sea we love.

Because the people who live by the sea are special. With lively eyes, with sunburnt hair, bold, impetuous, but at the same time very soft, with a smooth gait, they do not hurry, do not rush, do not run. They are here and now, they savor life drop by drop. They are talented, they love what they do, they love those who are around, they bring light, they give themselves without hesitation.

Sea Me is a true essence of the experience of the living by the sea.
Why linen?

Linen is woven from the fibers of the flax plant and is a completely natural product. It provides excellent thermoregulation: wicks sweat and heat from your body in the summer months and holds in heat during the cool months. It has a light massaging effect, favorably stimulating blood-flow and promoting relaxation. Natural linen provides you with every chance of having a deep and healthy sleep! Linen is naturally beautiful, its contact is fresh and sensual.

Linen has antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent putrefaction and fermentation. If you walk in linen clothes or sleep on linen bedding, then small pimples and wounds will heal much faster. Linen is absolutely hypoallergenic.

Linen has a magic power to make you fall in love with it, its texture, colors. We believe that you will share our love once you try linen bedding yourself.
Where is it produced?

We do the on-demand production. It helps us to insure the fabric is used in the most effective way with almost no waste. Since the beginning we're working with the small atelier based in the heart of Odesa, Ukraine. At the moment they feel like a part of the family as we've been together through a lot of challenges.