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This is my second set of linen bedsheets, with the first one being one from Brooklinen.
I have to say that I like these sheets way more than the Brooklinen ones: the are way softer even after only a couple of washes; they feel way thicker and the color is just beautiful (pacific blue).
Will definitely check out this store the next time I'm in the market for linen stuff.
United States, New York

I sleep hot and try not to use too much a/c to save on the electric bill. After doing some research, realized linen bedding is a thing (it's not just for clothes! silly me). Was a bit hesitant to purchase something so expensive (compared to cotton) but Sea Me had great reviews so I bought a set. So far, so GREAT! Had to get used to the texture at first, but I love it. It's made well, looks as relaxed as I hoped, and I love the smoky (pretty neutral) pink. It doesn't stick to me and somehow always feels fresh. Yay! Can't wait to see how it responds in the winter.
United States, New York

Ordered several colors of sheets. The orders took about 2.5 weeks to arrive, sheets were scratchy at first, after a regular wash are soft and very, very comfortable. They were very helpful with some questions and a custom color request, very easy to work with. Atlantic and Teal Waves were greener than expected (or my monitor is weird) were very good looking colors anyway, Pacific and California Coast were as expected. I cannot comment on durability due to only having them for a week, sheets at least feel strong.

Overall, nice colors, simple to work with, took about the time described to arrive, and after a wash sheets feel great. I Recommend, no question.
United States, Chicago

Since receiving a Sea Me linen sheet and duvet cover, the experience of waking up has become one of awe and relaxation. The whole day is better when you start that way, waking up in beautiful linen.

During a hot sweaty summer in France this year, I became more interested in fabrics with good heat regulation properties. In this regard, I discovered that linen is king. Perfectly cool in the heat, yet somehow still feels warm in the cold. You must experience it first hand!

My van-home does not have climate control so I mostly travel in warmer climes, but these sheets are also good in cold places and did not feel cold to the touch for long when I was sleeping outside in Truckee, California last weekend. It was -8 degrees Fahrenheight (-22 C). COLD. Of course there were down and wool blankets on top of that, but I've used cotton sheets that never seem to warm up in the cold, even indoors. Linen is absolutely perfect for all year use. I cannot recommend it enough.

My order shipped quickly - within a day or two, even with a small request for customization. the postal service was a bit slow and it arrived in Montana after nearly 4 weeks, making me feel a bit impatient, but it was COMPLETELY worth the wait and I will do it again (if I ever need new sheets, I hear linen lasts forever, too).

TLDR; After one wash, these are by far the most comfortable sheets I've ever slept in. I cannot speak for all linen sheets, but these ones are fantastic.
United States, Bozeman

The colour is exactly how I imagined it to be, the linen is really nice and the sheets/pillows are perfectly made (although I ordered special sizes). Will definetely order again from SeaMeLinen.
Switzerland, Baden

The fabric is super comfortable and the blue is just amazingly sharp. Not too blue, not too aqua, not too greenish. Just a bright and beautiful hue of blue ♥
The whole duvet came with a picture and a cute handwritten " thank you" note. It also came in a super nice package, I definitely look forward to buy with the girls once again!
Brazil, Sao Paulo

Love the texture and color of this beautiful duvet cover! It shipped fairly quick. An extra touch was the small note placed inside the package; it was warm greetings and appreciation from the seller. Over all we love the item and the experience.
United States, Erlanger

Really gorgeous quality linen bedding! They were shipped out quickly and nicely packaged; there was a delay at customs, but that is by no fault of the seller. I'll definitely be back for more!
United States, Somerville

Incredible Product, wonderful service and great value for money.
Australia, Melbourne

The color is the PERFECT green— it's a rich emerald but doesn't make the bedroom appear dark. I'm in love!
United States, Minneapolis

What a stunning duvet cover! The color is beautiful (we got the dark green) and I can tell that the quality is top notch, especially for the price. It's already so soft and it'll only get softer as time goes on. Natalya and Eteri are also fabulous. I had to change our shipping address after the fact and they helped me coordinate that and gave me a sense for when I should expect our order to arrive. Awesome customer service. I would definitely recommend SeaMe!
United States, Denver

The color is amazing and the sheets are super soft and comfortable. Natalya was so nice and helpful and my order arrived quickly. Really happy with my purchase! :)
Czech Republic, Prague

This is so beautiful! Soft- natural- and worth every penny. Thank you!
United States, Portland

Great quality and came very quickly. Thanks!
United States, New York

Beautiful green color, the sheets are stiff at first but sleep and wear beautifully - fantastic packaging and craftsmanship. Will order a second set soon.
Canada, Taylor

Totally gorgeous and beautiful linen, a nice medium-heavy weight but not coarse. Well made too - thank you!
New Zealand, Raumati South

Very well made and the Atlantic color is beautiful.
United States, Pittsburgh

The linen feels fresh. Like that new side of the pillow fresh all of the time. It's perfect for warmer or cooler weather. We will probably have this duvet cover for years and I think it will only get more comfortable with time.
United States, Lawrence

This is the second set of bedding I have gotten from SeaMe. I loved my first set so much that I got a second. This is a high quality, elegant product!
United States, Hattiesburg

It is perfect! Love the color and it washes beautifully!
United States, Salem

I absolutely love my duvet cover and pillowcases. The color couldn't be more divine and the feel of the fabric is perfect. I'm so happy with this purchase! I am happy every time I look at my bed, whether it is made or not. Thank you for making such beautiful bedding.
United States, Port Townsend

Beautiful craftsmanship and quality of linen! Can't wait to climb into bed tonight! Highly recommend! Shipping was fast to US
United States, Rochester

Love it! The color is beautiful and adds so much to our room. The linen is so soft and light, making it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Shipping was fairly quick to the US despite a little hold up in customs (not the fault of the seller). Highly recommend!
United States, Culver City

Second set I've ordered. We have it in light pearl blue and all white. The linen gets so soft after a bit of use. We love them. Well made, well worth it. It takes a bit of time to get to the US, but it's worth it
United States, New York

It appears a bit lighter in person, but still a nice green. Shipped quickly and fits true to size
United States, Albuquerque

The color of the Atlantic bedding set I ordered is just as beautiful and vibrant as it looks in the pictures. The fabric feels so luxurious. These ladies custom made one for me and it fits perfectly. The whole process was super easy. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a linen duvet.
United States, Oakland

I've been looking for bedding for quite some time, and came across this bedding on Pinterest. Thankfully the link lead me in the right direction. The bedding is well made and the green color is better than I had hoped. Shipping was quicker than anticipated. Under 2 weeks. Very excited to have nice "adult" bedding.
United States, Nashotah

Beautiful, high quality product. Color is just magnificent and looks so natural and clean (color appears slightly different in different lighting which is very unique). Exactly what I was hoping for! Only wish is that there were ties to hold the duvet in place within the cover.
United States, Burlingame

Amazing quality, perfect color. I used to think I could only have flannel or jersey materials on my bed, but I'm a changed woman. Temp is perfect in any condition. I only wish the duvet cover included strings to tie to the loop ends of the insert!
United States, New York

Love this duvet cover! The color is just what I was looking for, and it seems to be well made. I really wanted a simple linen look, and this is it!
United States, Naples

LOVE the colour of my linen duvet cover for my toddlers new big boy bed! It was kindly made in Australian single bed size for me as well. Definitely recommend this store and products to others.
Australia, Eden Hill

The sheets beautiful. They took along time to get here but worth it. Love them.
Canada, Mitchell

Love it. I've been searching for a duvet cover for too long. So glad I went for this one. Great color, super comfortable.
United States, Atlanta

these sheets are beautiful! super fast shipping and great customer service. definitely recommend
United States, New York

Wonderful, thoughtfully crafted bedding! The fabric is soft, but natural feeling and thick. The buttons on the duvet are well hidden under a crease. The color is just as shown.
United States, Woodside

Item arrived safely and in EX condition - Thank you!
Japan, Tokyo

My duvet cover and shams are just glorious. Customer service couldn't be better and shipping was so swift (with great packaging). Already ordered more!
United States, New York